Looking for the most capable factories and acquiring the best deals in China is never an easy thing, even risky in some cases. When you use 2X Technology you will have your own experienced team in China, who will oversee your order and ensure you avoid the common pitfalls of low quality goods, poor communication and unexplained delivery delays.

You may say it is easy to find a supplier through a website or Alibaba. But the truth is you may never know if you are dealing with a decent factory or a small workshop. Our sourcing team will select and assess the most suitable supplier to meet your needs. We ensure your requirements are understood and weed out any unsuitable or incapable. We will monitor and inspect to your supplier to make sure that the quality of products actually matches samples!

Established in 2007, we have accumulated rich experience in finding the best factories and telling good ones from bad, communicating with factories and negotiating for the best deal. We have built a robust database of ‘trusted facilities’ that have been audited both socially and with quality in mind by our engineers. With the strong support of our database, it makes it much easier and faster to locate the best supplier suited to your criteria.

Once again, for each project, we will select the most suitable factories based on your specific products, requirements, given quantities and target prices. With us, you can expect to get the right factory to produce your products in quality and at reasonable costs.

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