We have seen and heard countless China horror stories and manufacturing nightmares, it’s the reason why we have such a successful and growing company in China. We are the solution to these nightmares.

If you’re already manufacturing in China or sourcing in China and have encountered issues that you need assistance with solving we can and will do all we can to help you.

2X Technology is ultimately flexible in its approach and we pride ourselves on our ability to customize our work to our specific customer requirements. Any and all of our internal documentation and processes can be adjusted to suit you, your product and the manufacturing facility in question.

When unforeseen issues occur we are always available for short notice factory troubleshooting reviews to get your production run back on track. On completion of a troubleshooting audit the 2X Technology team will offer a full unbiased assessment along with detailed corrective action recommendations.

Our team can if required be at your facility in under 24 hours from point of contact or even same day if facility location permits.*

* Short notice inspections will be charged at a premium rate dependent on location, requirements and general team workload.