In international trade, many compensation claims come from improper packaging, such as carton damage, barcode scanning errors, missing compulsory markings, insufficient packing strength and mildew etc.

Packaging, which plays a critical role in successful delivery, is part of our professional services. Packing will be designed accordingly the different properties of the products. Then various reliability tests will be carried out on the packaging. Prototypes can be sent to you for approval. All packaging approved by 2X Technology meet ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) conditioning, compression, vibration, shock and rotational edge drop test standards.

1. Carton

A specific type of carton will be used for a specific type of goods, to meet the individual needs of each customer, or they can elect to have standard export packaging and have 2X Technology decide which is the best option for the carton type. In order to achieve the best packaging solution, various testing on the cartons will be implemented to ensure the goods are perfectly delivered to the customer’s designated door

. Testing includes:
– Bursting Strength Test.
– Edge Crush Test.
– Puncture Test.

2. Pallet/Wooden Packaging

Pre-shipping cargo palletisation is a decision for the end customers. Upon request, 2X Technology carries out Heat Treatment and Methyl Bromide treatment to protect wooden packaging from mildew and pests during transportation. Aiming at providing better packaging services, 2X Technology ensures all wooden packaging meet IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) standards, and a IPPC sign will be printed on each pallet.