Plastic Molding Injection is a very common manufacturing process; in which molten plastics are injected at high pressure in to a mould to produce a solid part.

Mould quality is critical and they normally made from either pre-hardened/hardened steel, aluminium or beryllium-copper alloy. The choice of material depends on various different economic factors. 2X Technology Services takes charge and provides guidance during the whole selection process, making sure that you’ll been provided with products that will pass through a comprehensive quality control and assurance system through all the process. That means that 2X Technology Services will always provide custom plastic molded parts, in which you can always rely and expect the kind of quality expected, in a efficient, affordable, turnkey plastic injection outputs.

2X Technology Services has stable relationships with only the best suppliers using the most advanced equipment, they understand the importance of good preparation, well controlled materials and the set procedures that surround smooth production.

From new ventures to our current on-stage projects, we offer plastic molding that will fullfill you expectations no matter your specific demands, our expertise covers a vast range of industries and fields that rely on plastic in the manufacturing, packaging or distribution processes.