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Your Sourcing Agent in China

China has been growing fast in the past decade in manufacturing and wins its glorious fame of World's Factory. World is throwing their good eyes to China because it has the good experience in almost all fields and the ability to supply solid quality goods at very competitive prices. Though the benefits of sourcing products from China are huge, doing business in China is a big pain or risky in reality, especially for people not familiar with China. This includes the way China people think, their way of operating business ... What we do is to save you from those pains and secure your smooth acquisition of products / information you want in an effective and efficient manner.

We have good experience in sourcing for western countries. We understand how western people thinks and values. We aim to offer the most effecient and effective services so all your concerns can be readily addressed in a timely and accurate manner. ChinSourcer, your local sourcing agent / eyes in China!

The China Sourcing Services We Offer

We offer a complete line of sourcing services:

  • QC management (Sample and Mass Product Quality Management)
  • Order management (Purchase Order Approval, Initial Production Inspection, Online Production Inspection, Preshipment Inspection, Loading Supervision, Documents Processing)
  • Supplier management (Factory Audit, Social Audit)
  • Logistics management (Design the Best Solution, Documents Processing)

The China Products We Have Rich Experiences in

We have rich experiences in below products:

  • brushes (art brush, paint brush, cosmetic brush, calligraphic brush)
  • printing products (catalog / brochure / booklet / pamphlet, decal, sticker, tattoo, color box, business card)
  • widgets (lanyard, leash, keychain, embroidery wash tag, silk printing wash tag, pvc badget, crest)
  • clothing (t-shirt, wetshirt, jacket, hat, cap)
  • bags (sports bag, tote bag, hand bag, tool bag, microfiber pouch)
  • sunglasses (biking sunglasses, motorcycle sunglasses, fishing sunglasses, ski goggles)
  • cosmetic packaging (plastic bottle for mascara / lipstick / lip-gloss / lip-brush / eyeliner; plastic jar and plastic compact for powder / foundation / eye-shadow; plastic cap for perfume bottle / cosmetic containers)
  • silicone products (silicone rubber keypad, conductive rubber connector, oring, seal ring, shaped rubber band, silicone rubber wristband)
  • auto parts (wheel, wheel accessories, brake system)

We are open to other products than the above, which are just a few from the many we persued in the past.